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Similar to apps such as Spotify or Outlook for Office , it is a desktop application that accesses online data. The app was specifically designed for power users like accountants. Using the desktop app means that we save time doing routine tasks, and have access to desktop application standard features.

I love that I can start working in QuickBooks Online in seconds, with one click of the App icon on my taskbar or Dock, just like any other Windows or Mac application. Not only do you stay permanently logged into your account, but the app also opens right to the last company you accessed, letting you get back to work within seconds.

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Contrast this to the browser experience of having to log in, perhaps choose your identity, then the company you want to access from your client list and then opening up the windows you were last working in. And, unlike the browser, you can stay logged in for days, not the maximum of four hours that the browser allows.

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This is most noticeable when you access long lists of data, such as a bank register or a chart of accounts. The caching also means that when you open a screen the second time, it loads even more quickly.

The local caching also means that you are not as vulnerable to slowdowns in network speed or temporary QuickBooks Online outages. And, for those concerned about online data security, this is a more secure way to access client data than in a browser. Not only can you open multiple windows and even use them on separate monitors, but the data in those windows also always stays in sync.

When working in the QuickBooks for Windows or Mac app, you feel like you are in a desktop program — familiar menus on the top give you quick access to most used windows and forms, pop out windows let you use multiple monitors, and standard keyboard shortcuts speed data entry. We will also show you the different menus available in Bill window screen and how to pull out reports from the Home screen.

In this lesson, you will learn how to pay bills for vendors in the right way.


So, your reports will turn out accurately. We are all the way down now to…. That way, you can show exactly how much you owe or if that bill is paid in full. Watch QuickBooks video tutorial, we will discuss receiving inventory and we will demonstrate how to get your item into the inventory list.


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In this tutorial, we will talk about creating bills for inventory items. Watch this QuickBooks video tutorial and learn how to manually adjust the items in your inventory.

The only thing we have left to talk about is how do you adjust your….