How to change mac address on windows 7

The software creates a new and completely random address almost instantly and allows users to revert to the old address and undo any other changes they have made if they wish.

How to directly change the MAC address without 3rd party tool

Most Windows users who need to change their MAC address are likely to find that Win 7 MAC Address Changer is a great option and the fact that it is free to use without the need for installation is a real bonus. However, the fact that the software is not currently compatible with Windows 10 is likely to be a disappointment for many Windows users.

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How To Change MAC Address on A Network Adapter on Windows

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Change Windows MAC Address

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Mobile Phone Tools. Soonware see all products from this developer. Choose Properties in the menu that opens up. In the new Properties window that pops up, select the Advanced tab. After you install the app, open it.

What is a MAC Address?

Start the Registry Editor as administrator. Navigate on the left side to the following path:. Underneath this node, you see listed all the network interfaces for your computer. Click on each one and check the information on the right panel to identify the one you need to change.

The DriverDesc field is the most likely one to help you pinpoint the right network card. Right-click or long tap on the network card node in the left panel and choose New and then String Value in the menu that pops up. On the right panel, type in NetworkAddress as the name of the newly added string value.

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Double click or double tap to open NetworkAddress for editing. Once we have learned the method of changing the MAC address using the Registry Editor , we can now speed up this change using the reg command in the Command Prompt or PowerShell. If you need to switch repeatedly between different MAC addresses on your Windows computer, the command line we describe in this section can be stored in a script file and run to speed up the procedure. Open Command Prompt or PowerShell as administrator, depending on which app you prefer to use.

Before you execute the command in the screenshot below, you need to replace two strings that we have underlined.

2 Ways to Change MAC Address on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 | Password Recovery

The first string is associated with the network card that you want to change in Windows Registry. Review the previous section to find out how to get this number from the Registry Editor. The second string is the new MAC address that you want to be assigned to the network card. Below you find the command in plain text so that you can copy and paste it.

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  6. Changing the MAC address is a rare intervention. The security behind the MAC address is quite poor because as you have seen, it is easy to change it to any value you want. Keep in mind, though, that you cannot have two devices with the same MAC address active at the same time in a network. Before closing this tutorial, tell us why you want to change your MAC address?