Fix broken avi mac os x

Once you click on repair button the software starts the repairing process. Download Now Buy Now.

Fix and Play AVI on Mac OS X

But no worries as this robust repair software has potential to fix AVI file index on Mac Index might get corrupted if there is any interruption while converting the format of AVI file. To play any AVI video file on Mac, one needs supporting file which is nothing but codec.

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  • Before you begin to repair AVI on Mac?

If this codec gets corrupt then AVI file index might get damaged. Precaution to be kept in mind: Always maintain a proper backup of the files so that it might help you in case of AVI file loss. Always make use of proper and well known antivirus tool to save your file from getting corrupt.

How to Repair Corrupt or Broken MOV, MP4, F4V, M4V, 3GP, 3G2

Make use of some reliable tool for converting one format of AVI file to other. This handy little utility will fix most common AVI file faults, which includes:. You do not need any technical expertise when you use Digital Video Repair, all you need is to download the utility, load your broken AVI file into the program and click on the Check Errors button. Note: Don't worry about Digital Video Repair corrupting your original file whilst it is processing.

Are you getting weird errors when trying to play AVI files on Mac?

The utility will output a brand new file, in other words, your original AVI file remains untouched. Before you go any further make a copy of your AVI file — never perform a manual fix on your only copy! There's always the chance you'll make a mistake when attempting to recover your AVI file, so only try and repair copies of the original file. This index must in the correct format, or else the AVI file won't play, just like a web page will not display correctly if the HTML is in the wrong format.

Therefore, you can download a hex editor like Midnight Commander to check if your AVI video is in the correct format. Generally, the typical AVI file format is as follows.

VLC Media Player

You can use a hex editor to recover these errors, and save your copied AVI file once complete, You can then try it again in your media player. You may find that after making these edits either VLC Player or Digital Video Repair will now be able to process and repair any remaining errors.

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How to Fix AVI Index on Mac?

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