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Each of your co-workers must use a Bluetooth headset with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 for some time to acclimate the software to his speech and the sound of his headset. You may need to refer to your headset manual for instructions to put your device in pairing mode, which typically involves pressing a small button on the device. Launch Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9, and if you haven't done so before, enter your name and select a language for your new user profile.

Alternatively, select a user from the drop-down list to load that user's profile. If you're not using DragonPad, close the Dragon NaturallySpeaking window to minimize it to the taskbar. David Wayne has been writing since , with technology columns appearing in several regional newspapers in Texas. Wayne graduated from the University of Houston in , earning a Bachelor of Arts in communications. Video of the Day. One company that makes headsets especially for speech recognition and use in noisy environments is theBoom C from UmeVoice.

While many headsets have a boom that positions the microphone near the corner of your mouth, headsets from theBoom have extra long booms, so the microphone is almost directly in front of your mouth. This headset offers excellent accuracy, but I found it to be one of the most uncomfortable headsets I have ever worn: it is hard plastic, and the shape doesn't fit well on my head. If you plan to use this type of headset, you should try it on first to see if you think you can wear it for a long time.

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There are plenty of other headsets designed for speech recognition, and if you wish to use a wired headset, it's worth looking around to see which models are available. While wired headsets offer excellent accuracy, they keep you tied to your computer. That long, sinuous cable, that gets tangled whenever you reach for something at the far corner of your desk or knocks over your coffee cup, can be an annoyance. In addition, some people like to move around while they dictate; I like to stand up, pace in my office, and have nothing forcing me to remain seated at my desk.

After all, one of the reasons to use dictation software is so you don't have to keep your hands on your keyboard.

The former is commonly used for those tiny earpieces that people use with cell phones. Because of the way Bluetooth works and the way Bluetooth earpieces are designed, they don't offer good accuracy with speech recognition software.

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The frequency range of Bluetooth is somewhat limited, and Bluetooth earpieces are very short and their booms don't reach anywhere near the corner of your mouth. When I tested the Plantronics Voyager, a Bluetooth earpiece that Nuance used to provide with Dragon Dictate Nuance now offers the Plantronics Calisto , the sound quality was poor and there was interference coming into my ear. On the other hand, DECT technology offers clear advantages for use with speech recognition software. You probably won't dictate feet from your Mac, but you could with this headset; Bluetooth, however, is limited to around 30 feet, and even then, the reception isn't ideal.

This headset also offers three different ways to wear it: a standard, over—the—head headband, with a cushion on the earpiece; a behind—the—neck headband; and an over—the—ear earpiece. I found the latter to be uncomfortable, and the behind—the—neck headband pressed against my glasses, causing irritation. In the end, the standard over—the—head headband turned out to be the most comfortable, and this microphone is so light that I barely notice it.

While accuracy is very good with this microphone, it is slightly inferior to a standard wired headset that has a boom closer to the front of the mouth.

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The Savi is well-designed, however, with a longer boom than what you are used to seeing on a wireless earpiece; the boom almost reaches the corner of my mouth. Since the quality of the microphone itself is so good, this is an excellent microphone for speech recognition in a quiet environment.

If you don't want to wear a mic, then a desktop microphone might be for you. The major disadvantages to a desktop mic is that it needs to be more or less in front of your mouth, and if you turn your head or stand up, recognition will suffer.

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But you are free from wires and annoying devices that mess up your hair, press against your glasses, or irritate your ears. While not specifically designed for speech recognition, the Yeti offers excellent sound quality and works quite well with Dragon Dictate. If you choose the cardioid setting, the mic picks up sound in front rather than all around it, ensuring that background noise from behind the microphone is not picked up.

Andrea WNC-2100 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone & Dragon Dictate (Naturally Speaking)

In my tests, the Yeti offered very good accuracy, but given the size of the microphone, it can get in the way. If you plan to do other types of recordings in addition to dictation such as podcasts , this is an excellent microphone that will allow you to do both. With wideband audio and noise cancellation, this microphone is designed specifically for speech recognition, and you can set it on your desk with the tip of the microphone more than a foot from your mouth and get excellent accuracy.

The standard version of this microphone comes with a inch flexible boom; I found this to be just a bit too short, requiring the microphone's base to be too close to my keyboard. The company also offers an optional telescopic boom that extends to 19 inches; I found this length to be ideal, allowing me to move the base just far enough away for it to be practical on my desk. The disadvantage to desktop microphones is that there is a sweet spot for getting good recognition.

You can turn your head a bit, and it will still work very well, but if you want to slide over to the side of your desk, or turn to the side to look at something, say, on a table next to your desk, then you either have to move the microphone or turn back to dictate. In this overview, I have discussed the three different types of microphones that work well with speech recognition software.

Each user will have different needs and imperatives, and you should consider these carefully before investing in an expensive microphone. Ideally, you should make sure that you can return your purchase if it doesn't suit you. For me, wearing a headset is an annoyance.

Being tied to my computer by a wire is exactly what I don't want if I'm using speech recognition software to dictate to my Mac. However, I work in a home office with little background noise. If you work in a busy office with lots of people chattering and phones ringing around you, you may need a headset because the position of the microphone boom in front of your mouth will ensure that the noise canceling blocks out all that ambient sound.

Wireless microphones are wonderful, especially the Plantronics Savi that I tested, but since they work on batteries, you have to make sure that they stay charged. The Savi has a charging base, and you can buy additional batteries to switch when you need. Some of them can be very uncomfortable, especially if they just hook over your ear.

Wearing them for long periods of time can be annoying. The epiphany that I had when testing all these microphones was discovering that a good desktop microphone such as the TableMike offers numerous advantages. The accuracy of this microphone, even at a distance of around 12 inches from my mouth, is as good as any headset; in a quiet environment, even 18 inches is fine.

Also, with this microphone on my desk, I don't need to reach for a headset and put it on my head if I only want to dictate a paragraph or two, such as to reply to an email. I can keep the mic handy, with its flexible boom in a vertical position, then, if I want to dictate something, bend the boom, activate the microphone in Dragon Dictate, and start talking.

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This microphone is even good enough that I can lean back in my chair and dictate in a comfortable position; I'm not locked into a rigid position as with other desktop microphones.