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The default backup location can be shown in Finder using Spotlight. The Finder window that opens will show a folder named "Backup". If you'd like to change the folder that iTunes backups up to by default, we have a handy guide in our support centre.

How to Locate, Back Up, and Delete Your iTunes Backups

Andrew Dancy co-founded Reincubate in and pioneered techniques with recovery of location data from iOS. He sits on the company's board, with a law-tech background and a particular interest in privacy and security. Read our position on privacy, safety and security. We've helped over 10,, people recover their lost iPhone data. Let us help you too. First of all; Thanks for the easy and helpful steps to get this far in the process. I am just curious as I am copying my backup off of my pc if it just as simple as me copying this backup off of my non internet accessible pc onto a hard drive, then I can drag and drop into the list of backups on the new Mac.

I am trying to restore my old backup onto my new iPhone six, but my pc has lost ability to connect to the Internet, so I can't download the new iTunes update to be able to work with my iPhone six.

Where are iPad and iPhone backups stored on PC or Mac?

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Where is the iTunes backup folder on macOS / OS X?

We recommend 2FA. Built with in London. This is iPhone Backup Extractor, think of it as a "personal forensics" utility.

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Where is the iTunes backup folder on Windows? How to find the iTunes backup folder automatically iPhone Backup Extractor automatically finds the iTunes backup folder for you, and can open it with a click. Where the window says "We always look for backups in your default folder", click the "default folder" link.

How to Delete, Move, or Back Up the Backups

Here's what this looks like on Windows Find iTunes backups on Windows 10 The Explorer window that opens will show a folder named "Backup". Locate iOS backups stored on your Mac or PC To avoid ruining any of your backup files, here's what you should know: iTunes saves backups to a Backup folder in your Users folder. The location of the Backup folder varies by operating system. Though you can copy the Backup folder, you should never move it to a different folder, external drive, or network drive.

For example, to restore from a relocated backup file, you need to move it back or the file won't work. Backups serve as a safe copy of your entire device. Locate a specific backup: Open iTunes. Click iTunes in the menu bar, then choose Preferences.

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Click Devices. Control-click the backup that you want, then choose Show in Finder.

In Windows 10, click the Search bar next to the Start button. Press Return. Delete or copy iOS backups on your Mac or PC Don't edit, relocate, rename, or extract content from your backup files, because these actions might ruin the files. Choose the backup that you want to delete. If you have several devices or backups, hover the mouse pointer over the backup to see more details.

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  • Click Delete Backup, then confirm. Using iOS Tap the graph that shows your iCloud usage, then tap Manage Storage. Click iCloud. Click Manage. Select Backups.