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No scratch that Do you perhaps have a keyboard driver installed I know some of the multi-media keyboards come with these, especially Logitech? Or some background program which defines special keystrokes? Or have your keyboard set to a different codepage?

¿Y si el teclado no responde en absoluto?

Just trying to think of all possibilities. Does the Esc key work to cancel a selection? Because Revit and windows both just do stupid sh! Your computer?

Apple suprimirá las unidades ópticas de iMac y Mac Pro

Tried another keyboard? As irneb suggests, any conflicting software running? Another Q: Does your keyboard have special purpose keys?

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Sometimes this setting is as if the Fn is on by default and pressing it actually turns it off. This has happened to me before.

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I tried switching out keyboards, and that fixed the problem temporarily. Every now and then it still happens, restarting Revit usually fixes it. Both keyboards did have all those extra keys though.

By chance do you have adobe software running simultaneously? There is a somewhat known issue that if adobe software is running Revit will lose the ability to use the escape key.

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