How to print 2x2 photos on mac

How to Print 2X2 Passport Photos : Photography Equipment & Techniques

Photos and the now obsolete iPhoto are part of the Apple suite of applications included with any Mac purchase. Although Photos or the elder iPhoto has many great features to organize and edit your complete photo library, scanning directly into Photos or iPhoto is not one of them. But as always with Macs, there are workarounds for that!

Before we move on, check that your scanner is installed correctly. First, connect your scanner to your Mac and power up the scanner if not already on. If your scanner appears in the left column, everything is ok. If your scanner does not appear, you must re install the driver that is specifically for your scanner. Another way is to drag and drop the files onto the Photos directly. Find your picture s in Photos in the left column of Photos under the heading Last Import.

Dragging and dropping follows whatever import preferences you set in your Photos App. So if you set your Photos Library to Copy when importing, moving your scans follows this same rule. With Slideshow, you get to customize the theme and music. And adjust the settings for display time and transitions.

The Photos editing tools are also great to enhance your images. You can resize, rotate and crop the photo. Other features are red-eye-reduction, aligning the horizontal position and improve the color balance of the picture. Just try and experiment with all the awesome Photo tools. Another feature to take advantage of is iCloud Photo Library. This feature securely stores your entire photo collection so you can access it from anywhere, including all your devices and on iCloud.

Tick the box for iCloud Photo Library. The beauty of an iCloud photo library is that when you edit and organize images in the Photos app on any device, your changes are kept up to date and visible on all devices including icloud.

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The only downside is that your photos count towards your total iCloud storage, so if you have the free 5GB plan, you may need to upgrade to a larger capacity plan to accommodate your photo library. Several readers have pointed out that whey they use their scanner along with their Mac, they are often stuck with an error code , where it says that an error occurred communicating with scanner.

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This toggling action on the IPv6 solves this problem for most users. He is based out of Los Angeles, CA.

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How to Resize Images Using iPhoto, Photos or Preview on Mac

Also, I can put pictures on the scanner glass, scan them as a single image, and the app separates and crops them. Thread starter texasmccoy Start date Feb 3, Sort Posts by Likes. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sep 24, 36 5 Montgomery County, Texas. Hi there, I've owned my new MacBook for over a year now, and the way mac deals with pictures and what you can do to manipulate them still baffles me Could someone please explain to me how to make my pictures print out in custom sizes I can choose myself?

I'm just using normal paper, nothing fancy, these don't have to be super quality or anything. I know how to use iphoto to resize pictures by using the "export" function, but still when I go to print the new resized files out, the print comes out huge, taking up the full 8X11 sheet of paper, looking huge and pixelated and stupid Trying to customize the picture size when going through the "print" function of iphoto only crops the picture to the size I indicate, not resize the whole thing like I want.

This is really such a simple task, I don't know why it seems so difficult for me to learn using my mac.

How to print 2x2 pictures on mac

This is really frustrating, I am tired of wasting ink and paper trying to figure this out. I'm pulling my hair out and about ready to warm up the old Windows dinosaur computer to do my photos. Is there an application other than iphoto which I really dislike that I could use to do this sort of thing? Something that is more intuitive to use? Last edited: Feb 3, Makosuke macrumors It would help to know what version of iPhoto you're using, but I'm going to assume ' In which case, it should be quite simple: When you select "Print The fourth is "Print Size"; the popup list should show everything from 2x2 to 5x7, plus "Standard".

If you have "Standard" selected, it will fill the page of whatever paper size you have selected in the drop-down above. Select one of the other sizes to print smaller; the preview panel should change to demonstrate how it'll look when actually printed.

The attached picture shows an example of a photo printing at 3x5 size on 8. Alternately, you can use the Preview application the default OS image viewer for saved images. Its default setting is to fill the page, but there is a section in its print dialogue that has a "scale" option; select that option and type in a percent that you want it, and you'll get an image that size centered on the page.