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How to create a booklet and print it word 2010 from A4 to A5 as well as A3 to A4 size.

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How to Make a 3-Page Pamphlet in Microsoft Word |

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How to Create a Booklet in Microsoft Word

You must have at least 20 total pages. Must be a number. Color Cannot be a negative number. Number of Books? Please specify a number of books. We are unable to process orders of less than 10 books.

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Glossy Lamination Matte Lamination Please select a coating. Interior Paper Stock? Binding Options? Your Instant Price! Per book:? Email Please enter your email. Please enter a valid email. Name Please enter your name. Please enter your full name. So we are going to discuss the free and easy methods of booklet printing your electronic documents, the Mac way. A booklet is a document which is printed in such a way that when you fold the printed pages in the middle and staple them, the pages will be in correct order as a book would be.

This means the pages have to be imposed and sorted before printing and four pages are printed on one sheet of paper. You can do this manually if you wanted to.

First, you rearrange the pages, then you set your printing job to print two pages of the document in one sheet of paper. But with 20 or more pages, the task of rearranging would be a frustrating one. Not to mention that the whole arrangement would be useless if you edited the document. The first one is Create Booklet. This is a PDF service which can be accessed from the Print menu.

Print Microsoft Word in booklet format

To split document with a large number of pages, you have to choose the range of the pages to print and repeat the process as many as necessary. The result booklet will be opened with Preview. You have to choose Print one more time to really print the booklet onto paper. The second is an old booklet printing application called CocoaBookle t.

What Do You Need Booklets For?

It will ask you where you want to save the file. Open the resulting file to print the booklet onto paper. To split a long book, open the application and go to the Preferences menu. The application will automatically split the file into booklets with the set number of pages. No re-print process necessary like Create Booklet. The last booklet printing tool is BookletCreator , a free online service for creating booklets from PDF. Since this one is online, this service could be utilized by all users under all operating system.

You just upload the PDF document, decide how many pages you want per booklet and the size of paper, then click CreateBooklet. Do you have other alternative of free booklet creator?