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If any part of this license agreement if found or determined to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of this license agreement shall be interpreted and enforced to the extent possible to achieve substantially the effect of this license agreement as set forth herein. Drivers for Avid Audio Hardware. Fast Track Pro Drivers. Fast Track Drivers. How do you rate this document? Searching criteria.

macOS High Sierra/Mojave Driver Installation for RME Audio Interfaces

Document Audience. Calibrated AMA Plug-in. Avid Knowledge Base. By downloading the software linked below, you accept the license agreement. Mac Releases click on a version to download the driver installer 1.


This driver supports Pro Tools M-Powered 7. This would be most likely to occur during windows startup on slower machines. The failure is now handled as the installer will insure the TBIA correctly appears in the system tray. Want to transfer your old cassette tapes to CD before the oxide falls off the tape? Versatility The UCA features two analog mono inputs for connecting any line-level device, such as a mixer or tape deck, and two analog mono outputs for connecting active speakers or studio monitors.

Complete system I/O for laptop performers.

The stereo headphone output has a dedicated level control and allows you listen to either the input source or the computer output. Imagine the Possibilities… When used as a professional interface between a mixing console and your computer, myriad options become available.

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Loren Fennell February 25, What a screwed up bunch of companies!! All of them should offer a rebate or the correct driver the people who trusted the BS artists at M-Audio and make amends.

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KARMA will catch up to those who do the screwing!!! ST Tena February 28, M-audio screwing us , because they are forcing our hands into the 64bit world even though all our gear works fine They should really honor. Hubert Cumberdale March 07, Diego Nasiff June 18, Acknowledged In progress Doesn't need answer Answered. How does this make you feel? Add Image. I'm e. Max Alessandrini December 27, I have the same problem. Have anybody found a solution? Carlos Marino December 31, Brooklyn Pennington March 15, I bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i Ryan Paul-Henry Sainsbury January 02, Also seeing this, I can confirm my fast track pro was working before this update.

Really don't want to roll back, any update on this? Asan Basan January 23, Avid customer service replied: Thank you for contacting Avid Audio Registration. Hi friends, I've got a lot of help before, now it's time to give it back I copied some files of the mbox-driver with has been updated for sierra into the 1.


It works, it works for recording, track values etc etc I attach my patched files with this instruction: 1. Salva January 29, Hi Minicus, Sorry, I could do the first two steps, but I don't know exactly what to do in steps 3 and 4. Where do I have to go to exchange and delete the attached folders? Thank you! Hi, you have to download my files from zippyshare. On the folder-name is the info about what to do Clara Tan February 26, Why are there two of the same file name in the 'exchange with this' folder?

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Is the idea to delete the 'AudioMbox. So altogether do you delete the 'audiombox. Matias Hlace March 19, Hi Minicus, i had the the same problem and happened the following: I installed the mbox driver and when restarting the mac it gets stucked in the loading bar Bruno Paiva June 24, Minicus, I ca't find that Botton to Download..

Could u help me? Greets How does this make you feel? Minicus, thanks for figuring this out. I followed your instructions, which became clear after opening the zip file. However, the device is still not recognizing. I wonder if there's something else happening. A little update, for clarity in the instructions. I'm still trying to figure out how he got this to work, but his instructions seem sound from a technical perspective.


Alberto Galeano February 23, What suppose to happen after complete all the steps? Michael Little July 19, Just done this on my now update mac Mojave Find the two folders above and delete the extensions and reset mac.. Hi sangandongo the only thing I did; I messed around in exchanging the files inside the extensions-file, means took some file of the mbox and put it in the ftpro-file, also the code sign wich I think is the mean reason of all the mess.

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  • I can not tell you wich combination at last worked but its the files I uploaded you. The ftpro-prefpanel thinks it's his own extension but i. Maybe again some difference? Here it works without problems for me I'm using it mostly with logic. Chris Nuvoli February 01, I'm on High Sierra There is no way to codesign the modified drivers on high sierra, it just won't and it won't load the kexts.

    Any clue?

    I am installing a sierra virtual machine on my mac to see if the card is usable. I will report back. The card appears in the virtual machine but I can't get any input either. I am starting to think this unit is defective. I was able to make it work under a Yosemite virtual machine but there is lag. I installed Yosemite fresh to an USB drive, there it works.

    Olivier Lagarde June 09, I have said that several times in this forum. The update drivers are not more exist since several years for many M-audio devices for Mac. Anyone reading this should expect the same from them, The answer is to change manufacture, and tell your friends: buyer beware :- How does this make you feel? Thomas Verloop February 24, I moved to this famous beta and it changes absolutely nothing.