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If this box pops up, you need to make a simple correction to select or change the citation style. Separate reference list.

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Otherwise the change will disappear the next time you update your document. Go to Word and click on that reference you have changed in Endnote.

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Now there are two ways for the change to break through in Word:. Now all your references will be unformatted. It will pop up a new window and control that it is the right reference that is marked.

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Now the change has gone through. When the document is complete and ready to be sent in to for example the supervisor, it is important that the Endnote codes are removed from the document. The codes are unvisible but necessary for the function of the connection between Word and Endnote Online. So before sending it, save the version with codes for your own work and save one without codes and send that version. Name the document so it is obvious which document that still has the field codes and which does not, for example "with codes" and "without codes".

Skip to main content. If you use Microsoft Word , , build in reference citation manager you may encounter that not all modern reference styles are present. Note: Please see BibWord for the latest supported styles. First we need to download the reference styles from BibWord Download the styles. Unzip the files from the styles.

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Is this something that might be updated or available at any time please? Any help in this regard???? I cannot see the Vancouver referencing style in my drop down in the Reference Tab. I download it and copy and paste in office15 bibliography in the style folder but it is not found in the drop down menu.

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I am using Windows 10 and office I also have installed Mendeley in my PC. Please someone should help. I would be most grateful for any help. Thanks Luc for the answer.

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Yes, I did get the right directory. I put other files from BibWord in the directory and they worked fine.

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I have download the Vancouver reference style from BIbword but cannot still find the vancouver style in my reference tab. I found only office15 in my Drive C instead of office13 which is intalled in my PC. Please what should I do. I am writing master thesis that require a vancouver referencing style. I was initially having problems after following the instructions first pasted and in Bibword. I am using Office on a Windows 10 system.

Thanks, Iman! Do I need to restart my computer? Restarted my computer.

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Can someone help me please? You can do that with windows explorer or use a program like winrar for it. This way it works for me, I have Windows 10 and Office , and in this way I found the right folder to paste the new styles in. Brilliant, thank you very much, just to anyone who thinks its not working, make sure you have totally closed word, not just the document you are working, by that i mean, right click on it in your dock and click quit.

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Downloaded the reference styles. Unzipped them and added them to the styles folder. Opened Word but it still only gives the original styles included. Any thoughts? Still no joy. Did anyone ever reply? I tried searching for the the appdata folder location, but cannot find it.