Flash 2009 mac pro to 2010

I am looking to upgrade my early Mc Pro top eek a bit more life out of it. It has been suggested that I upgrade my video card first, what do people think of this one?

Nov 21, 4, 33, 1, Yes, that should work. Although you'll have some difficulties installing OS X.

As the RX won't have a boot screen. Since non-Apple video cards don't have the right EFI they won't function until the OS loads far enough to load the drivers. You'll want to keep your old GPU around for diagnostics.

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I believe you also need to flash the Mac Pro firmware from your 4,1 to a 5,1 MP. This also lets you use faster CPU supported by the model.

MacRumors is probably the best place to get detailed help on how to get your legacy Mac Pro to boot into Mojave. If it's the same rules as a hackintosh or wide open discussion since they are both Apple products. Thanks for this. I will also take advice on the Mac Rumours forum. You must log in or register to reply here. Graphics Cards 1 Friday at PM R Question Graphics Card was working, unexcpected shutdown while the drivers were updating, and its no longer working.

Graphics Cards 1 Friday at AM. Question Graphics Card was working, unexcpected shutdown while the drivers were updating, and its no longer working. Post thread.

Firmware hack can transform a 2009 Mac Pro into a 12-core monster

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