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Finally Haunt 1. Give us a few minutes and you are free to go :- First of all we want to say, that 0.

Download Haunt - The Real Slender Game for Mac Free

Quarter of a million! We have to remind all of you that version 0. We are surprised and we hope, that all of you are going to upgrade this game to 1. For those who asked about our Steam Greenlight campaign — Haunt is at 38th position and is still rising about two positions per day.

Haunt - The Real Slender Game Publisher's Description

Many thanks to all of you that already voted or will do so! This project is already closed this is last minor release, next builds are going to provide only fixes etc.

That is why we have to ask all of you for help — if you like what we do, consider even the smallest possible donation. Enough talking — get, play, share! If you can — share this information to anybody that is interested in downloading this game.

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  • Decent Slender remake with new scenarios!
  • Ambitious Indie Horror Game ‘Haunt’ Takes Slenderman To A Terrifying New Level.
  • Haunt ZIP (Mac OSX) file - Haunted Memories - Indie DB?

Good side: An amazing improvement to graphics, soun ds, and the world. It changes the time and weather. From a full moon to dark rain clouds with eerie thunder, this game brings environment to a whole new level. The game-play is also impressive, and it doesn't sound like your stomping on potato chips.

Haunt 1.1 ZIP (Mac OSX) file - Haunted Memories

Now here comes the bad part: No Slender man! That's right, the creepy figure stalking you and hunting you isn't the Slendy we all know and love! He's Mark-Slender, a guy who got his face burnt off. He is now a ghost that Haunts hence the name Haunt the park.

The game can be confusing at times, such as the final part of the game. But I wouldn't want to spoil the ending for you. Overall, this is a fantastic game, and I recommend checking it out.

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Haunt 1.1 ZIP (Mac OSX) file - Haunted Memories

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Download Haunt - The Real Slender Game for Mac Free

Learn more. Haunt looks and feels exactly like Slender but with the addition of a more engrossing plot View full description.

Screenshots of Haunt - The Real Slender Game

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