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The lyrics scrolled across the screen and stayed with the music perfectly. The entire package flowed well and was fun to sing along with, except there was no need for a microphone. The program didn't include any special features, but that didn't offend us. However, we would have liked a way to hook up our microphone to the computer and amplify our voice instead of singing a cappella. Overall, this was a fun program that could have had a more professional design. Karaoke Player is a free program.

It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves files behind after uninstall. This program was able to overcome its bland design by providing a fun setup that we recommend. I use it primarily as a MIDI player and it performs well After unsuccessful start the program opens the browser and navigates to malicious website. I don't understand Cnet's rating system Besides it's clear that Cnet's editors have nothing to do with Midi at all. This sentence tells everything :'The music was clear, but the quality depended on the source it was downloaded from.

Some karaoke files were very digitized and unrealistic, and others sound like the real thing' No. This shouldn't have a Cnet rating! The Installation file is broken. Tried it on XP and Win 7.

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Forget this fecal matter. I downloaded but when trying to install it won't Read reply 1. I don't trust programs if their creators don't have a reliable website. The listed site is now just advertising.

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If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Use , you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Overview Review User Reviews Specs. What do you need to know about free software? Publisher's Description. It's a simple but neat software program that plays midi and karaoke files and displays the lyrics. User Reviews. Reviews Current version All versions. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating.

Pros worked on on 8. Pros I have found none. Summary I don't understand Cnet's rating system Pros This shouldn't have a Cnet rating!

Cons Please see above Summary Please see all of the above. Guitar Hero Live was released with both a career and an online mode. The career mode used full-motion video taken from the perspective of a lead guitarist underneath the note highway, to create an immersive experience to the player. The online mode, called GHTV , discarded the previous downloadable content approach and used a music video channel approach to stream playable songs to players, adding new songs to the catalog on a weekly basis.

The game was released in October Though the game was praised as a reinvention of the Guitar Hero series, the game did not sell as well as Activision expected; due to lowered forecasts, Activision let go of about half of FreeStyleGames' developers. Guitar Hero is notable because it comes packaged with a controller peripheral modeled after a black Gibson SG guitar. Rather than a typical gamepad , this guitar controller is the primary input for the game.

Playing the game with the guitar controller simulates playing an actual guitar, except it uses five colored "fret buttons" and a " strum bar" instead of frets and strings. The development of Guitar Hero was inspired by Konami 's Guitar Freaks video game, which at the time, had not seen much exposure in the North American market; RedOctane, already selling guitar-shaped controllers for imported copies of GuitarFreaks, approached Harmonix about creating a game to use an entirely new Guitar controller. The concept was to have the gameplay of Amplitude with the visuals of Karaoke Revolution , both of which had been developed by Harmonix.

Guitar Hero has sold nearly 1. Featuring improved multiplayer gameplay, an improved note-recognizing system, and 64 songs, it became the fifth best-selling video game of Guitar Hero II was later released for the Xbox in April with an exclusive Gibson Explorer guitar controller and an additional 10 songs, among other features. The title is the first installment of the series to include wireless guitars bundled with the game and also the first to release a special bundle with two guitars. The game includes Slash and Tom Morello as playable characters in addition to the existing fictional avatars; both guitarists performed motion capture to be used for their characters' animation in the game.

Analysts had expected that future Guitar Hero games in would include additional instrument peripherals to compete against Rock Band ; [45] Guitar Hero World Tour was confirmed as in development following the announcement of the merger between Activision and Vivendi Games in December Guitar Hero World Tour also features custom song creation that can be shared with others. Guitar Hero 5 , the fifth main entry in the series, was confirmed in December The game includes new game modes and features, including its 'Party Mode,' which gives players the ability to drop-in and out and change difficulties in the middle of a song.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock , the sixth main console game in the series, was released on September 28, It is the last game in the series developed by Neversoft's Guitar Hero division prior to its dissolution, with Vicarious Visions assisting on the Wii version with added Nintendo DS functionality.

The game has been described as returning to the roots of the Guitar Hero series; while it still allows for full band play, the soundtrack's focus is on rock and roll music and an emphasis on guitar "shredding". Following a five-year hiatus, as described below, Activision announced Guitar Hero Live for release in late on most seventh-generation and eighth-generation consoles. Live was developed to rebuild the game from the ground up, and while the gameplay remains similar to the earlier titles, focusing primarily on the lead guitar, it uses a 3-button guitar controller with each button having "up" and "down" positions, making for more complex tabulators.

The game using live footage of a rock concert, taken from the perspective of the lead guitarist, as to provide a more immersive experience. Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s for the PlayStation 2, which was released in July , was the final game developed by Harmonix for the series. The game, as suggested by its name, features tracks primarily from the s. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was the first band-centric game for the series. On September 4, , Billboard announced that the band Aerosmith was "working closely with the makers of Guitar Hero IV , which will be dedicated to the group's music.

The series' next band-centric title, Guitar Hero: Metallica , was released on March 29, Guitar Hero: Metallica is based on the full band experience of World Tour while offering similar features on Metallica's history and music as found in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. Since the PlayStation 2 version does not support downloading, three extra songs were included from Death Magnetic and are as follows: "Broken, Beat, and Scarred", "Cyanide", and "My Apocalypse". It features full-band versions of 48 songs from earlier Guitar Hero games that only used the guitar controller.

Unlike the previous versions, each of the songs is based on a master recording that includes some live tracks. Guitar Hero: Van Halen was released on December 22, , [65] though customers that purchased Guitar Hero 5 under a special promotion received a copy of the game early. Another new title to the series, Band Hero , was announced in May Band Hero features Top 40 hits aimed at family audiences, and include the full band play style of Guitar Hero 5.

DJ Hero was announced by Activision in May Prior to the announcement, the company had purchased FreeStyleGames , a small developer of music games, to help produce localized downloadable content for Guitar Hero games and a then-unannounced music game, later revealed to be DJ Hero. The game also incorporates the use of a Guitar Hero controller on ten specially arranged tracks; Bright has suggested that future Guitar Hero games after Guitar Hero 5 may include the use of the turntable control. A sequel, DJ Hero 2 , was officially announced in June for release in the last quarter of , featuring more than 70 mashups from over 85 artists.

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The game also includes more vocal options for singing and rapping to songs, and a freestyle mode for players. The peripheral only features the first four fret buttons and a strap so the Nintendo DS can be held sideways comfortably for play.

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The game also includes a guitar pick shaped stylus for use with strumming in the game, which players move across the touchscreen. The drumming uses a special "drum skin" adapter designed for the Nintendo DS Lite to map the unit's face buttons to four drum pads. However, since the drum skin is not electronic but a rubber cover switch that duplicates certain buttons on the DS Lite, a player can simply press the buttons in time to play the drums. The game includes four-player local wireless play in a similar manner as Guitar Hero 5 allowing any combination of instruments to be used.

The game has a set of 30 songs; some are from Band Hero and others are from several Guitar Hero games' set lists. Band Hero is limited to vocals and drums on the two consoles for the same reason.

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The title has been downloaded by users one million times, with both Verizon and Hands-On Mobile claiming that over , songs are played a day on the platform. Glu Mobile developed the mobile version of Guitar Hero 5 , released in the last quarter of Activision and Konami , who had previously worked together to make sure that the Guitar Hero series meets with Konami's patents on music games, developed an arcade console version of the game, titled Guitar Hero Arcade , distributed to arcades in early The game is completely based on the Guitar Hero III gameplay, but reducing some of the features such as the use of the Whammy bar, Star Power Button Star Power may only be activated by lifting the Guitar and Practice Modes, but keeping the ability to download new songs for the cabinet from the Internet.

The double release of Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero in were the last of the series' games to be released on PlayStation 2. Dave Mustaine , frontman for Megadeth , stated he had been in talks with Activision and Neversoft for a Guitar Hero -related product. Two Guitar Hero products that were announced but never released were a Red Hot Chili Peppers -themed title [97] and a PlayStation Portable title that would have featured a drum component.

The core gameplay of the Guitar Hero games is a rhythm video game similar to Konami 's Guitar Freaks [40] and to a lesser extent Harmonix 's previous music games such as Frequency and Amplitude. The guitar controller is recommended for play, although a standard console controller can be used instead.