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Per the sales pitch:.

Why Apple News relies on human curation, not algorithms

A higher dimension of reading. With Bionic Reading you read texts with more focus, awareness, and sustainability. Navigating Reeder can be lightning fast. In addition to customizable and nearly endless keyboard shortcuts, the application supports numerous gestures for trackpad users:. Once these gestures and keyboard shortcuts are ingrained, they make skimming and reading articles lightning-fast. In fact, the gestures in particular remind me that Reeder started out on iOS.

While that may sound like a problem from an old-school Mac fan, the reality is that the best apps on the Mac should be flexible and powerful while easy to use.

iCloud synchronization

While Reeder has been around since , it took the developer some time to re-group after Google shuttered Reader. On the surface, ReadKit looks a lot like Reeder. However, it lacks a lot of the polish found in our favorite app. Once my account was set up, it was noticeably slower to fetch my test library of 4, unread items and took considerably more CPU to do so. Read Later, RSS News new unread items , and RSS Starred are the three default folders, but creating new ones to act as filters on incoming content is pretty straight-forward for anyone who has set up rules in Mail or smart folders in Finder:.

While Reeder can only send items to services like Pocket or Instapaper , ReadKit doubles as a client for these services as well, putting your Instapaper, Pocket, or even Pinboard articles in the same application as incoming RSS content. This makes ReadKit a bit of a trojan horse — the Greek kind, not the scary computer virus kind. It looks like an RSS client, but in reality, can serve as a local Instapaper or Pinboard client just as easily. It synced quickly with all web services, but right off the bat started advertising to me:. For example, above is the RSS feed for my site.

While on the design front, Leaf offers several font and color theme options. The flat design coupled with a little transparency here and there may be trendy, but the app feels a little cluttered. Leaf comes with a good selection of sharing options, support for push notifications, and runs smoothly on my MacBook Pro. However, its limited support for RSS services and odd design choices should be considered when choosing an app.

Apple News+: Is It Worth Your Money?

Further, the last time Leaf was updated was over a year ago in early I have fond memories of running Vienna for several years on my old PowerBook G4. Vienna feels dated to most of the other apps tested, but everything renders well enough, and its built-in filtering is pretty handy:. Sadly, under testing on macOS Yosemite, Vienna was prone to freezing and even crashing.

The Best RSS Reader for Mac (Updated for and Reeder 4)

However, it was the fastest at syncing my test library of feeds. Really simple:. The menu bar icon turns blue when new items come in. Once they do, items are sorted by publish date in the main window. Clicking an item will open a preview of it in an adjoining window. If you have a lot of feeds, this lack of structure will break down quickly.

Apple News+ Guide: Everything You Need to Know

RSS Bot crashed while importing my test. So much so, I got curious and dug around a little inside the app bundle:. While this syncing has been fine in our testing, I found it to be stable while importing my test OPML file and pulling in several thousand unread items. So, which one is best? Stop losing your ideas and notes to multiple apps… An online course to help you save time, organize your notes, and master the best writing app for Mac and iOS: Ulysses. Read it Later in Reeder Reeder has long had the ability to sync your read-it-later queue from Instapaper and read your queue right within the app.

Reading in Reeder RSS is all about text, so if the best RSS reader is going to be worth its salt, then it should provide a great reading experience. Per the sales pitch: A higher dimension of reading. It's this inconvenience that popularized RSS feeds. However, reading RSS can be like trying to sip from a firehose: it's hard to see the forest for the trees. This is what Apple News aims to fix. Using a mix of human editors and article metrics, stories are sorted based on personal interest and subscribed feeds. Even if you don't follow the big sites, you're guaranteed to see the big news of the day in Apple News without getting lost in the weeds.

In short, Apple News is personalized and usable. It's also beautifully formatted, rendering even ad-heavy sites in clean, readable text with unintrusive ads.

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When you first open the News app, you'll be asked to select some of your favorite news sources, called "channels" within the app. You can also follow topics like "Technology" rather than specific channels. Feel free to follow liberally; you can always unfollow channels later if you change your mind. Once you've set up your channels, you'll want to "vote" on stories that interest you to refine Apple News' understanding of your interest:.

If you follow a lot of channels, you'll get a lot of notifications.

It's wise to disable News' notification sound, or you'll be buried in notification chimes. Share Pin Email. If you already have paid subscriptions to a news outlet, Apple News can handle that too:. When you open a story for the channel, you'll be given the opportunity to subscribe at the top of the screen. Tap that, then sign in with your credentials to activate your subscription.

This will propagate over all of your iCloud-connected devices. You can also sign up for paid subscriptions through Apple News with an in-app purchase. These subscriptions are tied to your Apple ID and billed like an app subscription. You'll also get a message from the channel explaining how to create a login for the website so you can view your subscription in a browser.

By swiping a story to the left, you can "Like" the story. Swiping to the right "Dislikes" the story. You can also tap the heart icons at the bottom of any news story to register your opinion. Apple News will then use this data point when suggesting news stories.

News Explorer

You can also register your opinion on an entire channel. With the channel's page open, tap the heart icons at the top of the screen. Tapping the "Like" heart will show you more stories from that channel in your feed.