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If all you want is a free email client to use with your Mac, Thunderbird is a good alternative. You may miss out on some cool features, but will still save on cost.

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Thunderbird is highly extensible and has the feel of the classic Outlook with useful features like sending large attachments through cloud storage, tabbed email, and the ability to change its look and feel. CloudMagic is a free app you can use with Mac, though it came on the platform after a successful go on Android and iOS platforms. You can also organize your tasks into To-Do, which require action or follow-up, Memo, which are for a later date, or Done, which are marked as completed.

Like Gmail, you can also Snooze your emails and view them later.

Criteria for the Best Email App

Postbox offers robust tools for more efficient email management and looks a lot better than Apple Mail. Postbox lets you group your emails by topic, which is great with multiple email accounts. You can also divide your tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks for better organization. Features like the pre-made responses make for easier and faster communication, though it lacks essential features like Send Later and Snooze.

The most unique feature is the Account Groups, which lets you combine your accounts into a unified box and separates or blends your work in an organized manner. A nifty time tracker, which shows the length of time you took composing emails, and word count is included. However, if you want more from an email client, something more reliable, stable, and modern, then consider one of these five alternatives.

I loved Google Inbox till they killed it. Postbox was the only thing that saved me from never wanting to check my emails again. Now with a new PC and Win 10, I found that the native email client is a joke bad joke. I did a free trial on a number of after-mkt desktop email clients and found that Postbox was head and shoulders the best. Easy to install and configure and user-friendly once installed. It is reminiscent of some classic email clients that were "enough but not too much. I started with 3. Improvement is day and night. Mow I will stay with you guys for the rest of the time Thank you and warm regards.

I have been using Postbox on Mac less Windows on and off since v4, but with this new version it really is much nicer and so good to work with now. I'm retiring Thunderbird now and switching to Postbox completely. Very feature-rich, functional and lovely interface, congratulations! One remaining wish: Bring this to Linux, please! I've looked and looked for a great email client and tried quite a few. Finally, I found the best! Seriously, Postbox is incredible.

It's fast and easy to organize, and it lets me control how I handle my inbox. I love the option of using both folders and topics tags to keep my messages corralled, and the search feature is fast and comprehensive!

The minimalist emailer

There's a bit of a learning curve, but once you get past that, Postbox is so easy to use. Best of all, I'm keeping my inbox clear. Thank you, Postbox! Postbox had none of these problems and was just awesome. Postbox is an excellent email program I like the modern design and the nice clean uncluttered tool area also the top performance thanks to the team in making this possible.

It never was very user friendly and following a recent update it became much worse in my opinion to the point that I was very dissatisfied. One of my relatives highly recommended Postbox which so far I have found to be a vast improvement and which I'm very happy to have found and purchased. Thank you for creating and making this product available. Love the customization options. Most email clients that I have tried ones with a free trial option - I wasn't paying for something I wasn't sure I would like want me to lump all my inboxes together into one place.

One of the accounts I monitor actually belongs to my boss, so I also needed to be able to have one IMAP email address mine and one POP his so that when I delete emails it doesn't affect what he sees. The most full-featured email client I've found that doesn't have glaring performance issues.

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Now would like to see more themes other than dark or light. Needed client for both Mac and Windows and, having tried several, Postbox was the smoothest in operation especially for Windows and the best-looking. I've been through what seems like a million mail clients for PC Looks great, and just works.

How to troubleshoot Apple (Mac) Mail

Brilliant job guys. This has the most features with simplest interface of any client I have found. I can use it the way I want to. I'm not an Inbox Zero guy or never-clear-out-my-inbox guy. I use folders, but I'm not obsessive about it - probably 20 max. I read my mail most days, but don't feel terrible if I miss it three days or so.

All in all, I'd say I'm average. I appreciate tools that do their thing well and don't overreach. Pocket knife - yes. Swiss army knife - who has the time? I've been recommending Postbox for years and v6 is fantastic. Reinstalling after a clean install of MacOS.

Thought it might be a good time to thank the team. Thanks all! An attractive, modern UI. Reliable functionality. Great indexing and search. Doesn't try to do everything mail, calendar, contacts, RSS, etc : does one thing -email- well. Connects easily to GMail and Office I have been using postbox since October , and I must say it's getting better and better.

I just love the way it flows when using it. I like the way Postbox looks and it's flexibility, also the the way I handle my daily flow of emails. Postbox is now more smooth and fast than Thunderbird, which does not seam to evolve anymore. Also the UI is a lot more modern and integrated with the operating system. Of course, Postbox has improvements that still can be done attached document visibility, management of planning and spam management improvement I was looking for an alternative to Outlook.

I need to work hard to study the help that is available with Postbox.

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I think it will meet my needs fine! I am impressed so far. Most solid and clean email client I have used to date, tried many like Outlook and Apple Mail and Google Mail, still find Postbox clean powerful and simple. I've been using your product for several years on my Mac. More affordable than Outlook and a solid email product. I really don't like the look and feel of Thunderbird and Outlook was never an Option. So, since Opera Mail is very dead these days - Postbox it is! Postbox has the features I am looking for, being most important templates.

The design is the best I have found!