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How would you compare fashion revival to rebel?

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I'm hoping to get styled in sepia because I missed out on 'exclusive event' and 'nude' from their divine night and riri collections. I remember MAC lipsticks dry out my lips like crazy so I just didn't bother with them.

The lineup you have here is beautiful though Hi Lily, I found these not as drying as the previous mattes. Please check them out in person, they are really so pretty. But MAC's mattes are the worst on my lips - peeling levels - so I may skip! You even made Styled in Sepia work! The blush Make You Mine, I might swatch though.

I love the look of it against the other shades you compared it to :. Hi Sharina, lol thanks, i never like my lips, hence never do lip swatches. This time I had to though, since I am sick the rest of the face was not in a condition to makeup ;- Make You Mine is really beautiful.

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I didn't want to get any blushes but this one sucked me in somehow. By the way the new formula of MAC mattes are more hydrating, check it out too. Thanks so much for stopping by, love your comments xox. In an interesting way, the stocks here lasted over days, even online. So it seems MAC stocked up this time. I hope you gals are also that lucky. These are really nice, very unique shades and I love the matte lip flair. Love the idea of using Styled in Sepia as a contour- great idea if all else fails! Though I've been into unusual lipsticks lately, so it could be fun to try to make it work : -Jen www.

๐Ÿ’„MAC Matte Lip Collection - Living Legend & Styled In Sepia๐Ÿ’„

I will definitely try it out soon to see if it works ;- It is rather a challenge to make it work but it can be a signature look if it does, very pretty shade. Nouvelle Vogue will be coming home with me for sure! This is a very helpful post, Sara! Thanks for your hard work.

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Feel better soon!!! My favorite is also Nouvelle Vogue, hope to see you rocking that one soon!

MAC Cosmetics The Matte Lip Collection info โ€“ Swatch and Review

I was wondering if la vie en rouge reminded you of any other mac lipsticks? Someone said if looked similar to lady danger. Nouvelle Vogue is my favorite from this collection and it looks great on you! I love to hear what you think. Fell free to write in English, German or Turkish.

Nyx Matte Lipsticks Review

Since I still have bad sore throat and not feeling all that well, I thought it might help your picks and I gave myself an hour challenge! If you see typos or strange photo effects here and there, you know I was trying my best. I picked up four shades from this collection but swatched every shade for you under the sun. I think the swatches are color correct. My picks are:. You can find lip swatches of first three at the end of the post.

Prev 1 โ€ฆ Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 85 of Go to page. So glad my swatches were helpful I wanted to swatch Stone next to exclusive event but I can't find it anywhere. Anaphora New member. Thank you to the ladies that posted swatches.

New MAC Matte lipstick collection: YT Videos?

D for Danger is now in the nope pile. I have plenty of Heaux left. So now in store I will be looking at AV and Stone. I'm pleasantly surprised that nothing is sold out yet! Mayanas New member. Yesterday a MUA at my local store told me not all are perm and I should come early Thursday because some may sell out. So much different info out there. Dolly Snow said:. Some swatches via IG Credit to Becky NaomiH Active member. Mayanas said:.

Mac Heaux next to Mac D for Danger. LuvKaya New member. Dolly Snow Moderator. LuvKaya said:. Jest and Smut New member.