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Besides cloning a drive, Mac Backup Guru can sync any selected folders, and create incremental clones, which cuts down on the time it takes to keep a backup clone current. Formally known as CrashPlan, Code42 is primarily an off-site backup application that uses the cloud for storage , however, there's a free version of Code42 that lets you create your own local cloud, so to speak. You can designate any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer on your network as the destination.

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Code42 will use this computer as the backup device for all of your other computers. You can even backup to remote computers that aren't your local network, say the computer of a good friend who lives next door. In this way, you can easily create off-site backups without trusting your data to the cloud. The free version of Code42 supports full and incremental backups, file encryption a good idea if you're backing up to a computer that you don't control , running automatic backups on a daily schedule, and the ability to back up any external drives attached to your Mac.

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IDrive is another online-based backup service that can be used with your Mac. IDrive offers a free basic level, allowing you to backup up to 5 GB of data from any device. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About.

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He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated September 23, Lets you "go back in time" to see what a file looked like in the recent past. What We Don't Like Less secure than cloud storage. Doesn't archive data; old backup data is eventually replaced by new data. Simplistic UI leaves little room for user mistakes. What We Don't Like Cannot choose specific folders or files to back up. Slower than other solutions, backs up everything each time it runs. What We Like Lightning-fast backup speed.

More advanced features than other solutions. What We Don't Like Restore speed is significantly slower than backup speed. Interface may be confusing for novice users. What We Like Automatic encryption keeps your backup data safe from hackers. Less expensive than Carbon Copy Cloner. What We Don't Like Doesn't provide a data log of backup activity.

No cloud support. What We Like Packs an impressive number of features into a single window.

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Incremental backups save time and space. What We Don't Like The user manual is just an infographic rather than detailed text.

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Graphic notifications during backup are annoying and consume CPU resources. It also has a full scheduling system so you can automate your backups. What We Like Reliable documentation, customer service, and technical support. Upgrading from CCC 4?

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CCC 5 is a paid upgrade. CCC 4 Personal and Household licenses purchased prior to May 22, are eligible for upgrade pricing.

Are you beta-testing Apple's new macOS Please choose Ask a Question from CCC's Help menu to let us know if you encounter any problems or have questions about support for new features of that OS. Download CCC 4. Carbon Copy Cloner 4.

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We offer technical support for CCC 4, but we are no longer actively developing it. CCC 4 license holders are welcome to continue using CCC 4 on later OSes with the understanding that this is an untested and unsupported configuration. Download CCC 3.