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It's easy to use, takes great photos, and crams a big APS-C sensor into one of the smallest camera bodies on the market. We think that's a recipe for success — get all the details in our full review. Sony's a adds powerful autofocus and a touchscreen to its low-cost mirrorless camera. But little inconsistencies mean it's not quite the excellent beginners camera it could be.

Red Giant Knoll Light Factory 3.2.2 for Adobe Photoshop

The Fujifilm X-Pro3's new viewfinder, new screen and titanium construction all make for an appealing camera - for the right type of photographer, that is. Find out if the Fujifilm X-Pro3 is right for you in our initial review. What's the best camera for shooting landscapes? High resolution, weather-sealed bodies and wide dynamic range are all important.

In this buying guide we've rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best. If you want a camera that you can pick up and use without having to page through the manual first, then this guide is for you. We've selected seven cameras ranging from compacts to full-frame, all of which are easy to operate. Video features have become an important factor to many photographers when choosing a new camera.

Knoll light factory photoshop cc mac

Read on to find out which cameras we think are best for the videophile. What's the best camera for travel? With this preset, there is only one change I want to make. By turning it off, the lens flare effect may be marginally less photorealistic but the image is a lot more pleasing. You can now export the final image.

Extreme light effects are one of the hallmarks of the hyperreal style of commercial photography but it has uses elsewhere. For example, a wedding photographer could use Knoll Light Factory to add a twinkle to the wedding rings. You can use any photo of someone wearing a ring for this. As before, get your image to a near-final state and then merge all your visible layers to a new top layer. Select it and open Knoll Light Factory. After playing around with a few different presets, I found Two Way Rays to be the best for adding a simple twinkle effect.

Select it from the preset menu to continue.

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I also changed the colour to a grey to emulate silver. While I like the effect so far, I think it could be more intense. To increase the intensity I added another primitive; this time a Poly Spike Ball. To add a primitive, select the one you want from the drop-down menu and click Add Element.

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You can then tweak it, or any of the other primitives, using the options provided. The defaults for the Poly Spike Ball give the effect I want for this example so no need to modify it further. There are, however, no limits to what you can do. Save Now.

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The image of Kat open in Knoll Light Factory with the 85mm preset applied. Step Three: Tweak the Lens Flare When you first apply the lens flare it will appear in the centre of your image. The flare repositioned to the correct position. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful screensaver?

They just Effects Suite gives you creative freedom and your work a truly professional appeal.

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Linking: Light intensity Knoll Light Factory 2. Anaglyph Workshop is an app that creates 3D image from a single picture or from dual pictures. Glow, light reflections with Knoll Light Factory or Anaglyph Workshop allows you to create anaglyphs 3D movies and pictures from regular 2D videos and images.

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