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Need Writing Help? Mac Cosmetics: Cosmetics, Human skin color, Marketing] Research Papers words 3. Liberalism, Conservatism, Classical liberalism] Research Papers words 2 pages.

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Toxic Chemicals Behind Personal Care And Beauty Products Essay examples - It is time, at last, to speak the truth about toxic chemicals behind personal care and beauty products. Cosmetics, Personal care, Sunscreen] Research Papers words 4. Cosmetics, Brand, Retailing] Research Papers words 3. Search Term: Sort By: Since there is a lack of promotional campaigns with no free samples, the company can only rely on the existing customers to spread the information about MAC products. Alternative solutions There are several alternatives how MAC can penetrate new markets, mainly Central and East Europe and also how to make people more aware of its high-quality cosmetics.

It is good to consider different ways of the sale strategy, such as exporting, franchising, or retail sale via contracted distributors. First alternative that can help the company to get its products further abroad is exporting.

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The following SWOT analysis shows the advantages and disadvantages that have to be considered while choosing the best way to penetrate new markets. SWOT Analysis for Exporting Strengths Weaknesses reaching new markets high initial and administrative expenses low fixed costs adjustments higher revenues formalities corporate growth distributor contracts Opportunities Threats innovation tough competition global expansion political and economical impediments international awareness of the brand MAC can benefit from exporting because of getting its products everywhere at relatively low costs.

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The products can be distributed by external intermediaries and sell at the worldwide markets without any direct involvement of the company. However, it requires several adjustments of the products to be made by the company itself, such as packaging, and some other modifications that would suit to different nations. Also, there can be some administrative obstacles that the company has to solve in order to make good agreements with the distributors. On the other hand, exporting can provide international awareness of the brand connected with the desire to innovate even more.

Competitive advantage of M.A.C. Cosmetics'

Second alternative in order to reach new markets is franchising. Franchising is one of the most widespread forms of cooperation between companies all around the world. A franchisor is the founder of the whole system and represents a core for the whole network of franchisees. The parent company develops and manages the conditions at which the franchisees function and actually sells its business objective. Therefore, franchising provide both advantages and disadvantages for the franchisor as well as for a franchisee.

SWOT Analysis for Franchising Strengths Weaknesses money inflow high marketing costs new market penetration lower flexibility cooperation with local people personnel training Opportunities Threats creativity possible loss of control global expansion cultural differences international awareness of the brand worsening reputation One of the greatest advantages of franchising is money inflow from the franchisees, which pay for the right to sell the MAC products, for the brand name, and know-how.

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Beside that, the company can rely on the local people that know the local market and can apply or adjust the original marketing strategies directly to the local customers. That can bring new innovative ideas and suggestions for modification in order to fit the products to the local market. However, there is a possibility of failing in the case of application the strategies that arose somewhere else in the world.

Competitive advantage of M.A.C. Cosmetics'

There can be present low flexibility while communicating on the long distances and also higher initial cost for training the employees and make them do what the parent company wants. Also, it is inevitable to consider the cultural differences and adjust the products as much as possible to those different needs and habits. Third alternative is to stay with the actual system, so to distribute the products via contracted international perfumeries or own stores managed from the central office, but bring a new promotional strategy that can also help to penetrate new markets and also increase sales in the existing markets.

SWOT Analysis for International Promotional Strategy Strengths Weaknesses public awareness high cost for advertising higher revenues and sales stable business control Opportunities Threats new markets growing competition global promotional campaigns public glut for advertisements The new promotional strategies can provide not only reaching new markets and spreading out the awareness of the MAC products but also it can significantly help to increase sales and revenues. Recently, advertising is an inevitable part of sale and do the promotion only through celebrities and models is not enough.

People cannot know much about the product quality without interactive campaigns and free samples that they can try and make their own opinion about MAC cosmetics. No doubt, advertising is not a cheap matter and careful budget planning is inevitable but the costs can be paid back soon by the increased sales.

Recommended solution After consideration of all the above-mentioned arguments, MAC should apply the third alternative, so to continue contracted distribution of the products, but develop a completely new promotional strategy. Usually outgoing, confident, media savvy, fashion lovers that are seeking a unique look without compromising the latest fashion trends. The products have straight forward names and trend setting colors which depict eye catching, chic, stylish, and high profile makeup. Products can also be found online with detailed descriptions on each item and tutorials on how to use them. Due to these reasons, M. Posted by Rawnak Jahan Tasmia at 7: Email This BlogThis! Subscribe to: Cancel Post. Maggie G. Indianapolis, IN. Extremely comfortable and amazing shades. I have to reapply, but I think that's common for any lipstick.

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Mac is a wonderful product. You need to break your Mac virginty asap: They have different kinds of lipsticks matte, glossy, etc: I always get matte and if you do get matte you need to put on a lip gloss before hand. But Mac lasts forever and it's great quality. Concord , CA. The pros are the unique colors they offer and the quality they stand by. A couple cons are some of the lipsticks can be quite drying and the price is up there for some people.

Overall the lipsticks are beautiful and your will have fun picking a shade from the many many choices they offer. Other Questions. Leah L. Maddie B. Be the first to answer.